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  • Uk only servers, Have these been discontinued in favour of the anglosphere ones?
  • hello , at what server time is the Legends server at 5 dec starting ? regards
  • Hello Templar ! How are you ? Any clue on which server (com) is starting on Dec 5 ?
  • hello, can I request a TT FINALS registration key? thanks ...
  • PM me wild card for TT finale please
  • Hello i have question , when start serveur fr speed ?
    • I think it starts tomorrow on the 31st. Please check the French domains as they will have the link and start time there.
    • Thank you ;)
  • Hello how can i report a mh im happy to move this to private :)
  • TK my gold link shows in valid URL :( what do i do. I have emailed plus and admin both no response over 24 hours.

    I have no clue what else to do so here i am ... this is me....
  • Hi, can you tell me how to submit an answer to your quizzes?
  • Sir,i clicked the pictures and it said access denied
  • let’s make peace, ok?
  • Brother will kill brother
    Spilling blood across the land
    Killing for religion
    Something I don't understand
    Fools like me who cross the sea
    And come to foreign lands
    Ask the sheep for their beliefs
    "Do you kill on God's command?"
  • How do we submit the answer to the maze?
  • Hi, could you tell me how is best to format my answer to day 5 The Craftsman's Maze challenge?
  • regarding day 5 hero adventure: if i step on an image twice, will it counts 2 times towards 17?
  • hi. can you help me to find out where to send my answer for the day 2 adventure of shu. I am new to this. Thanks in advance
  • hi. can you help me to find out where to send my answer for the day 2 adventure of shu. I am new to this. Thanks in advance
  • hi, ty for responding to my forum message about not getting an activation email. I have responded on forum and also started a conversation with you...is that how you pm on here?
    • ty so much for your quick response, your help is really appreciated xxx
  • Not sure how to PM, but can you update the UK server information thread, the ukX dates are still for previous server and i'd like to see when arties are.
    • Please contact the CM for the UK domain and they can take care of that for you.
  • La verdad ya estoy muy muy emp..... Molesto... Donde estan los que administran este juego... Y venden servicio .... No puede ser que se les escriba por todos los medios que se ofrece y no contesten en más de 6 horas ... Hay problema en el speed clx y quiero una respuesta inmediata respecto a los problemas y al perjuicio que causan ya que uno invierte dinero en esta vaina y la gente que trabaja y vivie de esto brilla por su ausencia por favor den una respuesta de que está pasando e información sobre la solución
  • Since when is "god" a swear word?
  • what is real
    • Oxygen It is the one constant I know is real since I keep breathing. ;)
  • Hi, tinypic link is not working for "eagle eyes" competition. I did the job just using photo editor. How can I upload the result image?
    • You can use any of the image hosting sites not just tinypic
  • Hi, since tinypic is down since yesterday, can i post a screenshot by lightshot as an answer for eagle eye contest?
    • You can use any of the image hosting sites not just tinypic
  • Hi Templar, may i have the key please? I really would like to partecipate at the game
  • Ciao carissimo e possibile avere la chiave closed beta?
    non so come trovarla gioco a travian da 10 anni!

  • Can I have a beta key :D
  • Can I get a beta key please?
    • Read your PM
  • Hello can I have a beta key please. :)
    • I am out now but you could send a message to Ameno as she may have some still. :)
  • Can I get key for beta version?