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  • JahRay

    Replied to the thread Plus for oasis.
    I'm not exactly sure what you mean but PLUS feature does not change oasis raiding or conquering.
    Your 7x7 of conquerable oasis is determined by going 3 squares out in every direction from your village as shown in this pic:
  • JahRay

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    (Quote from Firebody)

    My nice friend. Permission to obtain raw materials for killing animals would be okay if the person killing the animals received the raw materials as the hero attacks the oasis with the army and takes the resources to the extent that…
  • JahRay

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    @everyone that is so upset about the gold system:

    Would you a) rather pay for this game yourself or b) let others pay for you and give them an advantage?

    If a), how much would you be willing to pay for this game per month and do you think that this…
  • JahRay

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    I just wanted to share that I like the majority of the implemented changes and thank you for constantly trying to improve the game!
    Let us all not forget that not all developers do that..