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The spurts of flames threw weird shadows on the Smithy walls. The walls, which contained evidence that Shadow Empires have already been forged in the world of Travian... Curious to know more? Follow our teaser story!
  • Can i join you guys next comx? I'll just make scout/def account.
    • Ill let you know, we are a premade alliance but new comers are welcome. You need to be prepared for lots of carnage. For some reason it seems to follow us around. hehe. hit me up on skype.... jaruby01
    • hahaha i know how you guys play.. more enemies = more fun. else we would all end up simming til the end and end up who made tthe biggest meta contest
  • Nice game mate. Congratulations. I played on shadow (Instanbul)
    • Thanks. You guys gonna come back next round?
    • I am a solo player (team of 3 accounts) I joined Instanbul this server and don't know whether they will join or not. However, I would be joining this server