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  • Re: Who will be the lucky one?


    Just wondering if you ended up getting that gold?
    The thread was blocked for some reason and I never heard anything about it.
  • WvV hasn't started yet and you've already been Alpha'd.
  • crunchiee.. good day..
    any new analysis on UK29? :)
  • Ha, lynched by TG staff!
  • I made you a cake.
  • still waiting for the update on uk 29.. :)
  • im still waiting :rolleyes:
    • you know when ukx will start btw?
    • skidaddle skidoodle
  • hi crunchy... :)
  • have a great day <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • have a great day! <3 <3
  • Crunchie, Where have you been? <3
  • Your new avatar isn't as fun as the old one :(
  • you are playing in uk29?
  • Crunch smells. Also, If you don't disagree before the 8th that counts as you accepting it. <3
  • Fair play.
  • Hello! :)
  • buffoon
  • I stumbled onto some of your comments in some threads, I noticed you mentioned the number 1 rule of Travian is something against dual accounts, even though it's against the rules you probably are aware that every top player is using that method.
    Imo it's just a rule made up in case the staff wishes to ban someone for cheating when they have no cutting evidence they are doing so.
  • you write straight from my heart. Are you deleting too?