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  • hey buddy
    thanks for the good time and willingness to help. we will miss you
    Gl with your life
  • gl with whatever you do dude, thx for being around for last 2 years :)
  • hi dear
    Please provide pre-registration options on servers
    • Hello

      Thank you for your feedback.
      Pre-registration was removed as part of the HomePage revamp that occurred recently.
      While I understand it was quite popular to allow you to reserve names on a server there is currently no immediate plan to restore pre-registration
      I will however pass your thoughts on to the relevant team.

      Community Manager UK/US
    • fine thanks
  • Hey.
    When is the ukx, restarting again? :)
  • görevinizde kolaylıklar dilerim işiniz zor gerçekten
    • Hello

      I'm sorry I don't speak your language and google translate was not especially helpful. If you require game help please send an IGM to support on your server. If your require forum help you can find the staff members from your domain by selecting the Staff Members tab at the top of the forum and looking for the crew with from your domain.

      Community Manager
      Travian: Legends UK/US
  • Hrx and Rsx getaways are not working properly.
    Theres no manager of our countrys.
    When you register on hrx it sends you on rsx. And vice versa.
    • So it would be good if that could be fixes. Ty in advance.
    • Hello

      Each Domain is managed by a Customer Services Rep. You need to raise your issues with your domain CSR via email to admin@travian.rs or admin@travian.com.hr

      I am not able to help as my responsibility as a Community Manager is for the UK & US forums only


      Community Manager
      Travian:Legends UK/US
  • hi im on Miklo Velka on US1 - Halloween contest.
  • Hey I should recieve 10g I think from the Halloween event that I paticipated in, you wished for me to drop a account they should be recived on, I like it to be UK6 on the account LasseNgaard

    I make sure to download photoshop for next event, that is defently Ive realised :D
  • Hi M. Hudson, I took part in the Halloween contest. My server is US19
    • and the account name ?
    • it is this same name, arcane
    • thank you
    • When can we expect the gold to be added?
    • Hello

      My apologies, I appear to have missed your post. I have now credited your account with the gold you should have received.
      Once again sorry for the delay

      Community Manager
      Travian: Legends UK:US
  • Hello M.Hudson the Halloween 2017 contest you said let you know if anyone was US server and details we are on US server. same name as here. Thanks ~Larry
    • Please state the server and account name
    • server is us19 / account name is ThaRule
    • Contest Participitation reward added
  • Can you please simply delete the post whose image you found unacceptable? Or you can tell me how. It's a pretty pointless post now.
  • Hi, I am playing the us19 and I have completed a image for the Halloween contest, but I don't know where to put it. Reviewing the similar questions below hasn't helped me either. Can you tell me where to put it?
    • ok, I saw your post on language, and I've placed it after someone else in the thread on the games
    • Hey, Yes you just post in the Halloween thread. For this contest everyone is allowed to see other peoples entry's so there is no separate thread
    • cool :)
      Yeah, I was just confused since I've not used any forum like this in many years. Happy Halloween!
  • Hi ,Sry for ur time I just want to ask is we have any server information's(server restart days) for .com servers as we have this for UK servers
  • I am playing the US TS19 server and need to know where to post my answer for the treasure map?
  • where do the us contest answers get posted
  • Need help my option to assign position has disappeared I am the founder of my alliance and have no clue what happened help
    • Please contact customer services by sending an IGM to support, They will be able to investigate your issue
  • i cant send you an email and i dont play in us server..

    i play in UK19 fire and sands @@ can i still get the gold /?
    • Please send me a message using the conversation button on my profile
  • sal all. nu reusesc sa ma loghez, dupa ce m-am inregistrat, urma sa primesc pe mail un cod de activare, dar nu primesc nimic; pe maill am primit invitatie unde mi s-au adresat cu nickul Pytbul cum am mai jucat acum cativa ani in urma, nu stiu daca are vreo importanta, acum m-am inregistrat cu nickul de Nestea cu aceiasi adresa de mail folosita in acea perioada de joc, daca cineva ma poate ajuta in acest sens.........va multumesc
    • Hi Nestea

      Thank you for your message.
      Every CSR is responsible for their domain..
      If you want to report an issue you need to send an email to admin@travian.TLD (where TLD is your domain so for RO you would use admin@travian.ro) and your message will be dealt with by the responsible person.

      Please, be factual, not emotional, and stick to the facts in your message.

      Community Manager
      Travian:Legends UK & US
  • Fire and Sand contest Day 4.
    Playing as Jimmy the Tulip on TS8.com
    • Please contact the COM Community Manaager Templar Knight. I was only covering due to the Hurricane in the states
  • I need information about new 3x servers ?
    I need date when they are starting ty
  • hi can you tell me when fire and sand us server started or starts / and a link to register please?
  • Hi there, i'm wondering where's day 3 of the "Hero Adventures" thing? It hasn't changed from day 2 in my info box since wednesday.
  • The answer you gave to your day 3 riddle is incorrect. Just saying.
    • Never mind looks like it works -- it's sub-optimal though there are better answers. Lame.
    • How can it be sub-optimal if it's a correct answer?
    • Actually, using the winning method it's possible to solve the riddle in only 3 questions (depending on where the belt is). Making it the most optimal option
    • Because you can solve it in 2-3 questions so the method that requires all 4 is sub-optimal. My method solves it in an average of 3 questions. I'm sure if I thought about it I could do even better.
  • How can we get gold that we won on quests ?
    • on my pofile click the conversations icon. (not the email) and tell me where you want it
  • I dont see the quest3
  • hello , i have a big problem but i want to keep it "" secret "" so can i have a personal discussion with a community manager ?thanks for the answer .Vic
  • Boo,
    just wondering why old staff have lost their status? I felt really proud being an ex-MH, just feels like a huge part of my travian life is missing.


    (sulking as no longer feel part of the travian family) OMG, I am an ORPHAN!!!!!!! Cries into her snotty hanky.
    • HQ have instructed that all MH, Support and Customer Services staff are to be removed from the forum by the 15th. They also removed the Ex crew groups on migration along with our ability to administer the forum.
    • Thanks for the info. xxx
    • sorry :( for what its worth I have had a heated discussion about it but it does not look like HQ will change their minds :(
    • When all is said and done, they are in charge. I wonder if we could get away with having it written across our avatars? (naughty to think of that) xxx
    • already thought of that :D If you were to put something in your avatar or sig I wouldn't be able to stop you providing it followed the rules ;)
  • hi, aren't answers to hero's adventure no 3 supposed to be hidden till the next task? atm 2 other replies are visible...?
    • Posts are all moderated and should not be visible untill the next task is posted. The forum does keep glitching and showing the odd reply. we are manually hiding them periodicly
    • ok, so it's the definition of 'periodicly' I'm curious about. :)
      Sorry to be a party pooper, but the two posts that were visible yesterday evening, were still visible this morning...
    • Periodically is defined as when i get a chance. Considering im only contracted for one hour a day 99% of my work is unpaid and done in my own time ;) I am also covering an additional domain unpaid as the CM was affected by the hurricane. So things get done only when i get the chance.
    • Wow, from all the gold we buy you're only contracted for 1 hour a day? Ever considered going on strike?
    • I would love a payrise but CM is seen as a low priority sometimes. If it was in it for the money I would have left long ago :D
  • Hi! Where is my coment about fire & sands Day one task ? I posted about 1h after it has been released,and now i see only coments of other people.
    • Posts are all moderated and should not be visible untill the next task is posted. The forum does keep glitching and showing the odd reply. we are manually hiding them periodicly
    • ok, so it's the definition of 'periodicly' I'm curious about. :)
      Sorry to be a party pooper, but the two posts that were visible yesterday evening, were still visible this morning...
  • Whoops
    • Hey. I have removed your comment as you need to post your answer in the fire & sands Day one task thread, Posts are moderated so you cant see the answers untill tomorrows task is raised
    • well, atm 2 replies are visible... doh
    • Some people still havent got the hang of how to post yet, we are removing the visible ones as soon as we see them