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    Winter/Mafia was coming for CS.
    NewOrder scouted as always and got some juicy reports.

    We were able to track down their real targets.
    Sadly they knew we caught them so they stopped sending real attacks after we scouted the hammer running.

    We lost around…
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    My opinion is the rollback was not necessary. except ww fights there was a lot of other fights (off villages destroyed, ww support villages deleted or damaged etc) where giving to the defenders the deja-vu is huge advantage. the best solution had to be…
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    Liked Rinobit’s post in the thread International The Corner Final Discussions 2018/2019.
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    All attack TG for the rollback!
    Everyone are outraged!!!
    Nobody attacks the two idiots who caused this situation?
    Ok there's a bug.
    But two idiots have ruined the server to thousands of players...
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    My account is on deletion at this moment. Aslo our ww will be on deletion when it can be ( due to added gold 62 hours are still needed ).

    This is NOT a protest against the russians or the italians or any other ww holders.

    I want to congratulate the…
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    Replied to the thread International The Corner Final Discussions 2018/2019.
    Greetings, dear TG !!

    By rolling back the server, you simulated a better future situation for the team that made the mistakes. It does not matter whether this team did it intentionally or not. The main thing is that they have the opportunity to change…