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  • A 5x speed server starts next week, are you man enough!?
    • You know it brother, I'm gonna invite you to our group!
    • Do it ... let's have some fun!
    • Question is, are you man enough to use discord? if so, add me: Golden/Panda#7487
    • I'll add you later when I get home from work. Got to get me some PandaLove! :)
  • Panda came again. Welcome :)
  • Are you back playing?
    • Yeah, the old trio is back at it again, we started two weeks late so not sure if we will go super serious this server, but who knows :D Are you playing aswell?
    • I was ...
      ... a new server starts on the 6th December.
    • Oh, why not join in on the anglo? We started late aswell, wont matter that much!
    • The new server is an Anglo ...
      ... and I am already on that server.
    • Send me a message in game
  • Hello! :)
  • Time to go into hibernating now, see ya.
  • Hi :)
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