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After the holiday break, we are opening again the suggestion channel on Public Suggestions Board that gets updated on weekly basis.

The process is the following:
🔸 First, discuss your suggestion with the community in the #💬│suggestions-discussions channel
🔸 Once the suggestion is final and contains all the details post it in the #🎮│suggestions channel
🔸 A team member will review the suggestion and either give feedback or add the suggestion to the #📋│suggestions-vote channel
🔸 Around once per week the voted suggestions are evaluated by Game Design, a note is added on the Trello Board and they are moved to the most suitable list within the board.

Please note:
🔹 Suggestions may take up to 4 days to be processed (depending on the team availability)
🔹 Do NOT place more than one suggestion per message in the #🎮│suggestions channel
  • jarpenn

    Wrote a comment on Glacier’s wall.
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    Czy wiadomo coś o wiosennym serwerze ROA? jest taki w planach?
    z racji kwarantanny i sytuacji w polsce i na swiecie teraz byłby idealny.
  • jarpenn

    Wrote a comment on Glacier’s wall.
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    Hej. Wiem że termin nie został dotrzymany ale mamy dużo lepszego kandydata do legendy roku. Człowiek który stworzył konwerter nie widziany od wielu miesięcy a z którego korzysta wielu graczy.
    Jeżeli to możliwe bardzo proszę o dodanie od listy gracza…