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  • djinni

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    why did codex victoria 2x start already? it supposed to start tomorrow 16th?
  • now this feature sucks. it used to be a skill to send timed attacks, now any noob with gold can do it!
    it totally unbalances the offence vs defence gameplay in favor of attackers.
    will travian now also be looking at introducing timed landing or sending…
  • djinni

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    your rule about friendly chiefing on codex victoria is a lie, it does not work!!!!
  • djinni

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    Advanced Start

    In addition to the new building in Travian: Codex Victoria, you'll be able to start in a snap!

    The special Advanced Start will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:
    • Your first village will start with all resource fields at level 5
  • djinni

    Replied to the thread Conspiracy Theories.
    probably add celtic and turk tribes