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    Hello all,

    We hadn't meant to post again, but Flufie says it would be nice to look at how things finished. We have made some final maps, not of the alliance groups as we have seen them before, but of players in groups which have confederacies with the…
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    Liked Moxxi’s post in the thread Endgame COM2 (2020-2021) - End Speech.
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    Hey all fellow addicted Travian players and thanks for round,

    Account; TACKAN (Cheapest toilet brush in IKEA store 0,69e)
    Alliance; IKEA
    Role; Scouts

    Account Plan and Duals;
    AFK asked me to play and I was of course always ready when he asks to play…
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    Game world information
    Game world: ts2 (COM2)
    Round: ?
    Travian Version: T4.5 Legends
    Map size: 801x801
    Speed: x1
    Troop speed: x1
    Artefacts setup: 21.11.2020, 10:01 UTC+0
    Construction plans
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    Replied to the thread Endgame COM2 (2020-2021) - End Speech.
    GG all! It was pleasure to play with all of you guys!

    Me and petrn were once again playing together and it was fun! Og plan was to make wwk with petrn, karpaasi and eerikäinen but AFK turned that idea down fast since we were going to server where plan…
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    (Quote from Bat Man)