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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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  • ciao, scusa, mi sono accorto che ho vinto i 50 gold che avevate messo in palio con galadriel ma, non capisco come fare per ritirarli...
  • da ich nicht weiss bzw. keine andere möglichkeit finde, schreibe ich hier ,auch wenn es falsch sein sollte. also ich finde es nicht in Ordnung, daß die meisten hinweise im trafo - speziell der kalender - alles in Englisch steht, ich dachte wir sind ein deutscher server, oder ist deutsch schon abgeschafft worden?? ausserdem finde ich den trafo sehr sehr unübersichtlich, so daß man keine Lust hat, sich hier weiter mal zu vertiefen. nichts für ungut, viel spaß weiterhin. für mich wars das.
  • sul forum naturalmente
  • Ciao gioco in un server straniero come faccio ad entrare ?
    • Sorry, I don't understand, where du you want to get in. This forum is an multi-language.
      Within your account setting you can choose, which language section is/are shown to you:
  • Hi, I see problem in server tx3 asia.

    i register at 12.00 pm but i didn't recive a mail now

    thank you
    • Hi,

      please contact your local staff from the email adress you used for registration. They are able to sent that activation code manually to you.

      Regards, Anatu
    • thank but do not have any help from staff in thailand. i will wait for it

      thank you
    • Wether you use an email from or, waiting might not help. I am afraid, there are still diffeculties with these provider. If staff is not helping fast enought you might to use an alternative email provider (and don't forget to check junk folder too)
    • i use i already check everywhere
      thank you for your respone i post a problem in forum ,hope to see staff in thai see many time when our player in thailand see a problem but do not have staff in thailand takecare us or slower to takecare about three or four day
  • Moin, haste vlt zeit dieser bot zu bannen?

    • Moin, da waren die Kollegen schneller. Gruß, Anatu
    • Jo, hab gesehen. Danke sowieso und ne schöne wochenende! :)
  • Buenas me gustaria que podieras revisar dicho apartado del FORO ya que me parece que algunos jugadores, se pasan las normas por donde quieren....…1/?pageNo=155#post6802332

    Todos sabemos que dentro de MCDC juegan varios moderadores y multihunter pero creo que eso no tendria que servir para que estuvieran por encima de las normas...

    Varios de las otras alianzas tenemos expulsiones por menos palabras de las que dicen ellos.

    • Hello, please contact the forum staff of your language section. Regards Anatu
  • The Forum is so difficult to use. I am trying to answer the question who stole the artefact and I don't know what to do!!
  • hi dear
    Please provide pre-registration options on servers