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  • hello

    I have an account on TT 2018 Group D .
    If you want you and your duals to play on my account to make a hammer for this round , hit me with a message ..
    It is an account of barbarian .

    Tank you , Stefan !
  • I saw your post regarding a dual in server 3 , Add me on skype el3ageeb11 and we can talk more, we are different timezones
  • Hi there if you are still looking for a dual let me know if we can chat on Skype
  • Hello, I saw your post requesting a dual for an offensive gaul account. That is exactly the tribe/playstyle that I am looking for right now. I have some experience with all the tribes, usually play as roman, kind of miss gaul though. If you still have need of a dual on your acc, just let me know. If not, no worries. Thanks regardless.
    • Hey Martian! Would you have discord? So we could talk further
    • Vishal#2708 add me