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    Replied to the thread Gold Free Server.
    (Quote from Peezlefluff)

    There is still no way anyone can defeat an army of 200 clubs on their own.
    Unless they have a riffle and revive like Jesus.

    *Kills hero*
    *Party for 2 days*
    *Hero revived*
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    Replied to the thread Other players can view Hero Stats..
    Remove the hero instead and we can all play happy ever after.
    The hero is the main issue with the AH and also strategy denying like crazy.

    Can anyone give me any good reason why we need the hero in this game?
    I mean, its good have a "leader" for the…
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    Replied to the thread Gold Free Server.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this will never ever happen :D

    I rather pay every month. A small fee of 5 euros than have the game ruined by people with pockets deeper than the mariana trench.

    REMOVE THE HERO AS WELL (or at least some bits of it). IT BRINGS NO,…
  • Nk3

    (Quote from Qvintex)

    Im a student, did you even read?

    I am always top placed. Its not the problem.
    But the gold use takes away the joy and the game has become pay to win. We are not attracting new players with this gameplay.
    If the game was alive and we…
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    (Quote from Frozen Angel)

    I dont know how you can appreciate Travian games using the hero for milking money. Absurd prices on the auction house.
    And also the hero is limiting possibilities, we must attack with the hero and we must defend with the hero.…
  • Nk3

    I started this game when I was about 10 years old. I knew nothing and was beaten EDITED out every game. A lot of action, tons of players and battling across the servers.
    Today I'm 22 and a lot have changed since i first started.
    I love this game, all…
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    Replied to the thread Map issue.
    (Quote from wishmaster3)

    Something else for me. I'm always on full screen :)
    Its happening more and more frequently and the map is at some times unreadable. I hope the travian team is working on a solution or will work on a solution. It wasn't like this…
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    Posted a new thread: Map issue
    Have had map issues that started some month or two ago.
    It has started to really annoy me. Getting tired of going through the map and looking at villages where to send and so.

    here are some examples of how it looks like

    Villages split themselves often…