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    HIT&ML vs ++

    No real time for big words during work so:
    We attacked the most WW hammers from ++
    We expected them to wall them.

    (1) MAIN WW ++) chiefed at 10:00 AM servertime
    (LINSEN still going crazy hehe :thumbsup1::popcorn: )


    WW 100/100
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    Happy New Year!
    Chinese celebrating and we wanted to be part of this party!

    We scouts ~100 targets (capitals/oasis/offvillages) timed.

    Totally we nearly bashed 1.000.000 Off.

    We even got one WW hammer with small trainer WuYueLe to 217.000
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    The first big mission from ++ arrived. (02/10/2021 - 10:00)

    We have to hunor Dacia for not joining them.

    The biggest thank you will be for "Linsen" who were able to steal unique scouts.
    Scouting the whole day different styles and targets was really…
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    Today HIT&ML launched against ++.

    Target was to take down 4x WW Hammers.

    2x WW hammers got deffed.
    2x WW hammers got zeroed.

    As ++ bought their 3rd artefact this round but lost one of their fools.

    The fool switched to unique scouts (active before…