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    Something is gone wrong with my user interface, its after changing to a hideous bland, clustered layout which surely cant be intentional.

    can we get this rectified asap please.
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    Liked Tikopia’s post in the thread User interface.
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    NO ONE asked for this update despite it being tested beforehand.

    Please remove it or make it an option. TG devs truly are aweful apparently, instead of fixing actual problems they prefer to roll out some rubbish new UI. Are they actively trying to push…
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    Posted a new thread: Offering myself as dual
    Looking to get back in the game after a hiatus. Last acc I played on was with LK on Templars. Anyone need a dual :)

    I gold, American time zone, can play during work, online 8+ hrs a day.

    - webbie.
  • I can't see any need or purpose of having a fixed spot for main building !!
    There are a lot of suggestions and ideas that you should be working on instead of this!
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    (Quote from nikolov_k)

    Ok boomer, then you’re a not so great developer. Lol
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    Hello Legends,

    I was wondering what's currently the fastest you've settled, or you've seen/heard someone settle his or her second's village the fastest.

    Also what's the fastest do you think settlement is possible ? (hopefully without 10 smurf…
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    Suggestions -
    - Responsive UI design ( As a quick and easy mobile solution. No reason why the UI can't cascade into a list-like UI, e.g., dorf1 would be split into sections to scroll up or down through resource/warehouse bar, hero image, village list,…
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    Sheesh, this UI design looks like it came from a game in the early 2000's. With the outdated design plus bland colors, the game really seems like it's taken a step back actually in graphics compared to live servers design. Why dorf1 and dorf2 got…
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    about me :
    - 10 yrs + experience
    - top raider
    - heavy gold user
    - skype, discord. If you've played com servers, we're probably already contacts :)

    about you :
    - hopefully you gold
    - you like raiding and NOT losing troops
    - can play at least 8 hrs a day :)