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The spurts of flames threw weird shadows on the Smithy walls. The walls, which contained evidence that Shadow Empires have already been forged in the world of Travian... Curious to know more? Follow our teaser story!
  • Hey, I wanna invite you and all your MAD friends to the next Hispano x3 server that will start 23 of september, there will be playing TM alliance, we want revenge from you guys, please, accept this invitation and let's have fun this time in our territory (hispano domain)
    let your leaders know this invitation please

    regards, TM player
    • Sorry, my friend. Most of our team members are focusing on Travian Tournament's qualification. I guess they won't come to Hispano x3 server in 9/23.

      regards, Abby, one of MAD player and the diplomat of Chinese team