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  • What is with you trolls derping everyone just because you are salty?
    • I wouldn't call myself a troll, but I also don't remember giving you a derp
    • I just went looking. I gave you a derp for complaining about a derp. Pretty standard from me. Before the forums were redone, I'd sign my derps and say why.. Don't have that option anymore, but yeah that's why
    • Meh I find such things petty and pathetic. Two people not on the server in question derping my analysis? Thats 100% trolling. If that's the kind of stuff you find entertaining maybe you should get a RL.
    • I didn't derp the analysis. I derped the comment of you complaining about Carni's derp? Wouldn't you worrying about these derps suggest that you would be the one that needs to get a RL? ;)
    • Thats a bold statement from a guy who's been playing dozens of servers for almost 10 years now isn't it?
  • hey <3