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    What if I'm looking for different country dual, there wont be a dedicated forum for that like it used to?
    Many Thanks
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    Hi, i was wondering where can i post something about dualling? it seems thread had been archived?
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    Liked Tool’s post in the thread 💌 Be my Valentine.
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    Clay pits are orange
    Iron mines are grey
    For you, my love, I would cast my armies away

    Simming is fun
    Raiding even more
    Your clubs and thunders are the ones I adore

    Praetorians are strong
    Though expensive and slow
    For you I'll become a Phalanx and…
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    Posted a new thread: Adventure Silver Reward
    From my experience, silver reward from adventure give us around 500-600 silver (CMIIW). While on some server might gave us some ointments or cage, on others it might mean nothing to player. Silver value also changing according to needs of player and age…
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    Replied to the thread ⛄ Snowball Battle ⛄.

    p0nne -
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    I say my preference is

    20 page of constructive criticism and discussion > 20 page animated gif war > 20 pages not toxic friendly trash talk > no post > 20 page bitterism and toxic trash talk > 20 page ultra toxic (bannable) trash talk

    But what I see…