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After the holiday break, we are opening again the suggestion channel on Public Suggestions Board that gets updated on weekly basis.

The process is the following:
🔸 First, discuss your suggestion with the community in the #💬│suggestions-discussions channel
🔸 Once the suggestion is final and contains all the details post it in the #🎮│suggestions channel
🔸 A team member will review the suggestion and either give feedback or add the suggestion to the #📋│suggestions-vote channel
🔸 Around once per week the voted suggestions are evaluated by Game Design, a note is added on the Trello Board and they are moved to the most suitable list within the board.

Please note:
🔹 Suggestions may take up to 4 days to be processed (depending on the team availability)
🔹 Do NOT place more than one suggestion per message in the #🎮│suggestions channel
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    Dismantling a Mad.
    First of all I want to make it clear that I do not come to cry. Rather to prove the use of traps by Mad. This time it is the use of Bots. They talk about hard work and more blah blah ... but it's all cheap wordy. In this case we will…