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    Bug list:
    Quest doesn't apply solved after founding second village...
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    Bug report:
    Button "enlarge map" has some annoying side effects...

    P. S. The color-blind interface has a decent look, not to colorful - the main goal for the interface should be good usability and overview, on second place the " nice…
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    (Quote from asterix.ns)

    Bug report illustrated, played on mobile and tablet...
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    Suggestion: Divide the city/fields button in 1/2, so it can be used instantly for view switch - this would solve the previous described problem after using the map...

    P. S. The construction queue (plus feature, playing Gaul) keeps on hanging on "0:00"…
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    Nice solution for daily quests.
    The notification buttons on IGM and reports should be bigger or included in the main button, likewise the 3 hero buttons.
    Upper menu-bar is quite practical, and the starter quest box had a simple but effective…
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    Dear players,

    We quite often get requests from the community to rework trade routes. We understand the importance of that feature and we’re working on it. Today we would like to introduce small adjustments which soon will be implemented on all game…
  • The key is not about money, hero system or making the game playable for more different skilled players - TG introduced since v4.x a online gambling system through the auctions, as vital part od the game.
    Most similar games have something like Travian…
  • I started this game when I was about 10 years old. I knew nothing and was beaten EDITED out every game. A lot of action, tons of players and battling across the servers.
    Today I'm 22 and a lot have changed since i first started.
    I love this game, all…
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    There is much space for improvments but TG always show so much greed for money, even while developing a new Travian-like space opera (Imperion during 2010-2012) they charged money for gold in the bug-filled Beta test versions (Closed and Open…
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    Replied to the thread Battle reports parser.
    Nice to see you again since TG Imperion got shut down - best regards, asterix.ns (farscape in Imperion)...