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  • Bonjour monsieur, voulez-vous du vin?
    • Hello,

      No thanks, i'm on duty and i can't drink :)
  • Bonjour savez vous ou trouver les records mondes pour le speed *3
  • Allez Loic Bruni! :D
  • Bonjour sr moderateur.
    • Hello His Holiness,

      May I help you in the dark side of the forum ?
    • Si. S'il vous plaît. Vous êtes intéressé à la luz.
  • Bonjour,

    Je voulais savoir par rapport à l'énigme, nous devons répondre à quel endroit ?
    Merci et bonne journée à vous.
  • Bonjour.

    May I ask what happened to the french thread about troop records?
    • Hello Wolkenengel,

      The french thread with troops record is available here :…hive-records-d-off-monde/
      It's in the archive because the records are from an old version of travian (the one without recruitment and other bonuses). Furthermore, a lot of them were registered with the site travian-reports which is unavailable since early january. Some reports may be lost forever :(

      Hope I answered all your questions.

    • Ah, alright.

      Thank you for the answer and your time.