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    Advanced Start

    In addition to the new building in Travian: Codex Victoria, you'll be able to start in a snap!

    The special Advanced Start will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:
    • Your first village will start with all resource fields at level 5
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    Onboarding New Players

    We haven't forgot about new players – Travian: Codex Victoria will bring something very valuable for them with the onboarding system for new players.
    A new contextual help feature will be implemented:
    • Opening the UI for the
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    DORF1 is ok, what can I say... is more or less the same. No problems until now.
    DORF2 makes me wanna give up. I play for 12 years now. Always with Gauls. I know the buildings by heart, their shape and colour. Don't need to "look for it". Just open…
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    No, I really don't like it. I am used to the old interface and it was easier and faster (my opinion only)
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    com5 - gladiator
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    Posted a new thread: Preparing for a new server
    Hey there guys, my name is Tal and im mostly familiar in the Israeli Community.
    However me and my friends from many worldwide server decided to create a team for an unpcoming server which may lunch in the 27th of May.
    If you want to take part in a…
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    Replied to the thread Why delete inactive villages??.
    As a programmer i understand their reasons. When you have mass players each player requires great usage of database memory. Deleting inactive members reduces the database usage and makes game work faster and better :)
    I believe its more relevant to old…