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After the holiday break, we are opening again the suggestion channel on Public Suggestions Board that gets updated on weekly basis.

The process is the following:
🔸 First, discuss your suggestion with the community in the #💬│suggestions-discussions channel
🔸 Once the suggestion is final and contains all the details post it in the #🎮│suggestions channel
🔸 A team member will review the suggestion and either give feedback or add the suggestion to the #📋│suggestions-vote channel
🔸 Around once per week the voted suggestions are evaluated by Game Design, a note is added on the Trello Board and they are moved to the most suitable list within the board.

Please note:
🔹 Suggestions may take up to 4 days to be processed (depending on the team availability)
🔹 Do NOT place more than one suggestion per message in the #🎮│suggestions channel
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    still accepting ?
  • We are go to Global Server 15 Aprıl and ( Join Us )
    I am looking for team clan unity and friends for the CODEX VICTORIA COM 2X SPEED SERVER.
    Let's play together. Add me

  • The Fall of the Ultimate Warriors in com2 also known as Gunners or Vices (they like to call and compare themselves to Vices)

    Chapter 1: „cFd sKilLz”
    On March 28th GOW and TEN launched on gunners in order to weaken their position as Gunners was…
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    Nickname: plwconrad
    Server: tx3
    If you are GAUL, please upgrade the Phalanx in Smithy as it is most effective increase in defensive soldier.
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    Frowel Com4
    Roman raid tips
    Upgrade EI to lv.4 allow you to farm small village with only 1 EI
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    1. Find a dual, start a solo round, making friends from people in your alliance, find out their active time of the day and if they suit your playstyle, ask them to dual with you the next round.
    2. Don't set your expectation to be a strong offensive…
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    Attention for Teutons !!
    Be aware of counter attacks
    In the early game when you have some clubswingers and raiding others, try not being catched in your own villages by counter attackers who set one or more attacks by any troops specially thunders 😆…
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    (Quote from kamroop)

    Its for the early game that we use Gauls defensive troops; I believe Gauls is a mid game tribe
    Spearman + prateroen are the best match against both cavalry and infantry and also with less crop usage in comparison with druider and…
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    Im not an expert so i dont know if I should be giving any tips. :D
    Send thank you messages to allies who push you resources, or help you in defense.
    leahey com4
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    Many trolls around here.

    Travian is all about making friends and forming bonds that lasts for years. This is the reason I am still playing these days, after 10 years of activity. The people I've played with over the course of the past years made me come…
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    First and the most important advice I can give you is: TALK.
    Starting from the beginning of the game, start sending messages to people around you. Their inbox are empty in the beginning. People do not tend to attack players they had communication. Be…
  • AoA everyone!
    I have decided to write a guide on how to OC, but unfortunately it requires a guide on GT offense tools which is "absent. Then I decided to write a guide on GT OC! Then I realize there is no guide on GT either... :| So, here it goes, I will
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    Which tribe shall I choose? We are here to help you out! This is the first episode of a mini-series entirely dedicated to our beloved tribes. First in line: the mighty Teutons! https://youtu.be/theOTnlX7ZA The subtitles are available in the following languages: Arabic, Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish, TurkishThe transcript can be downloaded ► here