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    (Quote from Finals|Qualy)

    Ahhh finally we know why.

    Things to remember in this server :

    - Amazing Deff & Scout Team Work.

    - How in early game Kings acc got his capital buildings demolished and gold wasted in silver exchanges also main hammer marching to…
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    As a rotational leader of the Chinese Team, I really enjoyed fighting with Poland.
    I have to say; they are the strongest in ML.
    They have the stamina to against us from day 30 to day 100.
    Unfortunately, we had a clear target and enemy, so we made an…
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    Hello all,

    The accusations of cheating dosn't belong to forum, it must be reported to Game Support in-game with the proofs.
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    why nobody just say that's a good round with insane hammers and defenders where 4 very strong metas are doing their best to win?
    honored to play with/against all of you.
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    Liked Safiren’s post in the thread Battle Report International Final reports.
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    Wednesday night 27 February

    This morning. Nothing exceptional during the night. The top WWs have been building up. The meta with the less chance to win as it looked as before Infiniti and ML made a pact just now are in lead and the levels begins to be…
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    Replied to the thread Finals | 2019 | Statistics.
    I see so much frustration in baraka 's posts. Why is that?