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    HIT&ML vs ++

    No real time for big words during work so:
    We attacked the most WW hammers from ++
    We expected them to wall them.

    (1) MAIN WW ++) chiefed at 10:00 AM servertime
    (LINSEN still going crazy hehe :thumbsup1::popcorn: )


    WW 100/100
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    Name of the hero: Luke Skywalker

    Age of the hero: 30

    Dating bio:
    Rose from humble beginnings to become one of the greatest Egyptian Knight in the galaxy has ever known. Great acquaintance of Princess Leia (Arabian Princess) and Han Solo (Huns…
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    Replied to the thread Travian Romance ❤️.
    Name of the hero: Leah
    Age of the hero: 22
    Dating bio: Halloween is my favorite holiday Empire Strikes Back is my favorite Star Wars, and I once drove cross country with my best friend, a basset hound, and a pug.
    With who you would like to date: Magnus