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    :thumbsup1: Kia Ora! :thumbsup1:

    Russia came to visit us (X3 + P&D + -TG)
    We appreciated so many guests!:nope:

    Looks like we got the best vodka in our house regarding the visits by russia!

    The mission hit at 3:00:00. (09/13/2020)
    Some deff villages got chiefed.

  • Doomfire

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    As I do not see any reports from NewOrder I am happy to add them =)

    Croplocked these capitals.
    We just saw some troops:

    This night we got some new attacks by russia.
    This time by south-west.

  • Doomfire

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    (Quote from Finals|Qualy)

    GJ, as always.
    Would be insteresting to catch more Hammers, but it seems they are not cocky as X3 players.
    Also the scout walls were insane, I wonder how can they scout wall every runner with 20k plus Roman Scouts :/

    Non the less…
  • Doomfire

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    Winter/Mafia was coming for CS.
    NewOrder scouted as always and got some juicy reports.

    We were able to track down their real targets.
    Sadly they knew we caught them so they stopped sending real attacks after we scouted the hammer running.

    We lost around…
  • Doomfire

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    (Quote from Sukhoi)

    For as far I know, there is not even one tech user in the NewOrder alliance. The only tech's they raid are from the Russian meta. At the start of the server, a couple of accounts where kicked from the alliance because of tech-usage.…
  • Doomfire

    Replied to a comment by rene74354_DE on Doomfire’s wall.
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    Das stimmt, jiri hat mich damals herzlich in die tRc eingeladen.
    Aber da ich erst jetzt wieder rein schaue habe ich das Gefühl, dass alle von früher in Rente sind.
    Es ist auch verständlich, gegen Ende der Runde gibt es nur noch ca 400 Spieler und in…
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    Replied to a comment by rene74354_DE on Doomfire’s wall.
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    Ach cool, ich habe im Kala Account mit gespielt, als Deffer. Dachte schon du warst in der Pro.
    Danach war ich die letzte Runde auf ts7, glaub 2012 oder 2013, im Bembel.
    Ich kann mich nämlich noch an die BB erinnern in der du glaube ich warst 😀