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  • in my whole career, this is best post I ever read, brother I love you and support you, all troops should be merged whenever you want them to be !!!!!

    TRAVIAN do somethin' about it
  • Veritasbrow

    Well the first you said isnt a argument, its more like a statement.

    I think its very reasonable, and i think if you play a bit more it would make sense to you later on.
  • Veritasbrow

    I think what Semir and TheOneBelowall are you trying tell are that if the units didnt die, it could be heavily abused by a bit more veteran travian players

    In regards to your hero dying, you can always make him change village before the hit comes and he…
  • Veritasbrow

    Replied to the thread Which tribe to choose.
    Hey Fire!

    Its hard to answer your question because it doensnt clearly say how much time you want to spend on Travian, do you play to win or to have fun, how much gold pr. month. From what i can understand you seem fairly new, atleast as an offensive…