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    Replied to the thread Why players produce Caesaris.
    Hello Undaunted :thumbup:

    I will try and explain why i would want to build EC :rom06: instead of EI :rom05: , not being a roman expect ;)

    When building offensive you always want to try and reach the maximum amount of damage the hammer, term for big offensive armies, can reach.…
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    (Quote from Wittekind)


    Caesaris are the second worst defensive unit you could use in the game. Even Imperatoris are better crop / cost wise.
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    Hello everyone. Superriku from KLUBBSPORRE here. I want to say thanks to everyone who played on the server, it was a round that turned out completely different than what I expected, in some sense fantastic, and also in some sense bad. Not much if any…
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    Liked AFKi’s post in the thread Endgame COM2 (2020-2021) - End Speech.
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    I don´t know about com traditions, but we´ve had this one on Fi domains as long as I can remember. When the server is over the winning team opens up with a victory speech or end speech. After that the word is free and everyone is welcome to come…