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  • I wanted to know the classic question of what is the best option for training outside the cavalry: - EI or EC.

    Now that I already know, EIs are resource-saving ECs that save time

    What I wanted to know When my army grows to huge negative content (I'm…
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    Since the backlog and downtime have finally disappeared, I am thinking about completely completing this work, so now I am looking for a dual server that has been running for 3 weeks. It started 16 days ago.
    Top 100 accounts, raids have just begun. More…
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    Posted a new thread: GR Hammer Village Question
    I was recently told that it was unanimously decided that there should not be an oasis in the Hammer village. before that I had a village with a cap and a hammer next to an oasis of good harvest.

    Is it because the oasis is wanted in order to know the…