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    (Quote from Falcon)

    Rat 200
    Spider 200
    Hose 200
    Bat 200
    Boar 400
    Wolf 400
    Ward 600
    Crocodile 600
    Tiger 600
    elephant 1000
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    I get an answer: 50/50/50/50 / upkeep.

    But it is a huge nutrition for the animal-killer-to-offpoints players.
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    (Quote from Luminya)

    Keep in mind that even though gold club is 200 gold your starting gold is now 130 gold,
    so there is not different besides if you use those 130 gold for something else the step is longer but if you not it's the exact same.
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    (Quote from Wittekind)

    There will still be tournament and there are currently no changes to them.

    (Quote from need for speed)

    Part of the strategy is to choose which building you need in a village. E.g. some demolish the smithy and academy when they have…
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    Replied to the thread Discussion: Travian Version 4.6.
    I have a question

    Does anybody know how much resources each type of animals give you when you kill em?