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    The question is simple: why bots are forbidden?

    I play Travian since 2007 and I never used bots. Hiowever, I stopped playing this game about 5 years ago, because this game requires a lot of time and time is something that I (and most of people) don't…
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    Replied to a comment by thekraken on Ridder Huma’s wall.
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    Hero dies but levels up, you have to revive hero
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    Replied to the thread 📜 History Quiz.
    1. The Battle of Allia
    2. Some troops fled to Veii and some fled back to Rome(The city of Ardea).
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    Replied to the thread Hide Alliance Online Blue Dot.
    (Quote from Vrbaa)

    Oh!? Thankyou.
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    Posted a new thread: Hide Alliance Online Blue Dot
    Can I in any way hide that I am online from my alliance members. Like it should not show blue when I am online. I suspect there is a spy in the alliance, and I really need to do this.
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    Travian has it's own codes of conduct that you can't exactly look up anywhere. If you've played in a good/premade team, you will likely know them already, but if you're new to the game or have only played with inexperienced teams, you might…