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    Replied to the thread Croptool for WW.
    you can use this one, its free and legal:
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    Liked Boredpanda’s post in the thread Settlers.
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    Sure, this part of the game could use some improvement.

    Not sure what you suggested if the best possible solution.. but travian could do something about it to avoid players literally losing 20+ hrs, on something frutile.

    Maybe something like..

    1. If…
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    Replied to the thread Suggested Hero Item.
    Wow, that's a REALLY BAD idea. A lot of players complain that travian is a pay-2-win game, and with this item it will became literally a pay-2-win game. Who spend more money in the scepter wins the game, where are the fun in it? Why i'll make a big army,…
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    If you have a river of cash to spend buying cages, yes, you're right. However, imagine the case that you are in a art rotation and you have to let a friend conquer that art: you'll have to free all your animals and buy another cages in order to rebuild…
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    In pc you can move the mouse to the icon of the troop and see training time
    It isn’t possible from suggest to make a new link like the troops overview just for training time in villages..
    It will help alot for defensive players..
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    Wrote a comment on kirilloid’s wall.
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    Hi, I think the war simulator needs to be corrected in T4, since the hero itens has changed the values (e. g. now the small shield is giving 250 of power instead of 500)