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  • could ya make a 20% bonus gold one for 10th/11th each month? thats alot of peoples payday :D
  • not able to reply
    • Hi abhinavrobin,
      As mentioned in my presentation message, your answers will be hidden until the end of the contest to avoid everyone seeing everybody else answers.
      In the meantime, I can confirm, your message has been posted and it will become visible at the end of the game, next week.
      Have a nice day :)
  • Please approve my post in history quiz
    • Hi Redhand!
      Your answer will be approved at the end of the contest.
      If I do it now, everyone would see your answers, ruining the fun!

      Have a nice day
    • Ok i thought otherwise.
      Thanks for replying
  • is it here we are supposed to write the answer. Somebody without finding out the answer could look here and answer as his own?
  • Hey my friend,
    good luck in your new job.

    Have fun.
  • pstt