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  • Can I use these warning points to get discounts at the Travian Legends merch shop?
  • Hello Thomas,
    Your recent post "Book of Wisdom #7 - In the Shadows" has a slight mistake at the end under "Detailed Information" when it talks about the "Validity of Gold Voucher".
    Instead of "April 31st 2020", it has to be some Month in 2021 (and April also doesn't have 31 days, only 30-days always. But year 2021 for validity is more important).
    Please correct, and thanks in advance for giving us the opportunity to participate.
    Kind regards
    • Hello Lancelot,
      Thank you for noticing!
      I've made the changes :)

      Kind Regards
  • Hi Thomas, My troops died during server offline time. Can you do something about it? Thanks
    • Hi Nitrogen, our apologies regarding this.
      We are already on it, I will let you know as soon as I have an official update about this.
    • Thanks Thomas!
  • could ya make a 20% bonus gold one for 10th/11th each month? thats alot of peoples payday :D
  • not able to reply
    • Hi abhinavrobin,
      As mentioned in my presentation message, your answers will be hidden until the end of the contest to avoid everyone seeing everybody else answers.
      In the meantime, I can confirm, your message has been posted and it will become visible at the end of the game, next week.
      Have a nice day :)
  • Please approve my post in history quiz
    • Hi Redhand!
      Your answer will be approved at the end of the contest.
      If I do it now, everyone would see your answers, ruining the fun!

      Have a nice day
    • Ok i thought otherwise.
      Thanks for replying
  • is it here we are supposed to write the answer. Somebody without finding out the answer could look here and answer as his own?
  • Hey my friend,
    good luck in your new job.

    Have fun.
  • pstt