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    Replied to the thread ❄️ Snowball Battle ❄️.
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    Winter/Mafia was coming for CS.
    NewOrder scouted as always and got some juicy reports.

    We were able to track down their real targets.
    Sadly they knew we caught them so they stopped sending real attacks after we scouted the hammer running.

    We lost around…
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    (Quote from Wittekind)

    Don't accuse Blancoke from doing this, everybody knows I'm playing all the Egypt accounts in NewOrder, have a Russian grandmother so my 1/4 Russian blood just can handle that many accounts :rolleyes:
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    Pre-Server Analysis

    The last server, there was REVS in SW but their career didn’t last long due to the fact they disbanded after arties and some players went to TEN or GOW. Owing to this, the server was left with 3 allies such as GOW…
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    Liked ELE’s post in the thread Why is techs allowed?.
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    (Quote from Baddy -)

    Maybe if you imagine for a second that it is not small inexperienced players who are bothered you will understand.

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    Liked rey’s post in the thread Why is techs allowed?.
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    The problem is how blatant cheating is nowadays.

    yea yea faster settling second village, clearing oasis... etc. i honestly dont really care about that. and its really hard to differentiate between a techmulti or a support account from a friend in early…
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    Anyone have teams taking players? I've got a small alliance possibly looking for a family.