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    Replied to the thread Quarter and Alliance Breakdown.
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    One one thing I have noticed is that there's very little traffic for this server here at the forum. The meaning of this escapes me...
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    Liked rey’s post in the thread Why is techs allowed?.
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    The problem is how blatant cheating is nowadays.

    yea yea faster settling second village, clearing oasis... etc. i honestly dont really care about that. and its really hard to differentiate between a techmulti or a support account from a friend in early…
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    (Quote from Absthrax)

    By applying an strict policy on anti-push protection things would get much better. Not a solution but an improvement.
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    Am i the only one that wants to remove the uses of multis/techs? I really hate they removed the rule about having to play for their own benefit. The game is dying and i think that tech/multi abusers are a big factor. No new players are playing…