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    Posted a new thread: International Rebels Account of Shadow Empires + Thoughts on Gameplay
    After what seems like an eternity, we've finally won our Shadow Empires server, winning the round by 19215 Victory Points.
    It was basically a battle of who can sim up the fastest and coordinate members to different regions the best. While the change from…
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    (Quote from wishmaster3)

    That's an interesting point of view.

    I was baptised by fire against Infamous in a 3v1 server and haven't looked at any other meta the same since. Personally I never had the pleasure of playing with or against WILD, but have heard…
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    There are plenty of decent metas around these days. But they are nowhere near as dominant as e.g. Wild was. In part, I think that's mostly due to a much broader field of decent metas - i.e. it's hard for any single meta to dominate, since there are…
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    Hi guys, I've recently started playing again after a long break, similar to many of my old Travian buddies.
    I'm playing on a bit of a dead server at the moment, with not much going on and very few experienced players on either side.

    The last proper server…
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    Replied to the thread The Mega Meta Zerg.
    *Popcorn crunching 2 rows back*

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    Replied to the thread ❄️ Snowball Battle ❄️.
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    Replied to the thread International Shadow Empires / Winning Criteria.
    Thanks guys. Yes I hope it' works this way.
    We've had such a tiresome server pulling ourselves up from 4th to 1st, it'd be a shame to lose on what is essentially a technicality.
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    Posted a new thread: International Shadow Empires / Winning Criteria
    How do you win on Shadow Empires?
    On the website it says it's the faction at the end with most Victory Points that wins, however on the info-box in game it says the alliance with the most victory points at the end wins.
    Can someone clear this up? We…