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  • tobber1o1

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    Looks like the end of the game for me (after 10 years of playing) . This only give bigger advantage to heavy gold users.

    These changes now kill the non-gold player;
    - won't be able to get gold club at 200 gold. It was hard enough to get at 100, and…
  • tobber1o1

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    I have to say, I am NOT a fan of the hospital. It gives a HUGE advantage to Offensive players. In order for defensive players to get the same benefit they would have to build a hospital in EVERY village that produces defense instead of just your…
  • tobber1o1

    Replied to the thread Gold.
    Thank you all for the help
  • tobber1o1

    Posted a new thread: Gold
    I have 217 gold on a server. I exchanged silver from auctions to get it. If I delete that account will I get a voucher for the gold? Thanks for any help.