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  • Hi Mercedes you play Com3?
    • No I don’t play com servers.
  • hey Mercedes,

    The anglo5 server is not over yet and I had an army size that fits in well with the hall of fame. How do you record the results? Do you need a login? How does it work.

    • Hi Assam, I need someone from the server to collate and send me the battle reports. I record all armies that hit an endgame target such as a world wonder or related artefact or plans.
    • i can send you about 10 reports or so, does that work? pls check DM
    • Sure, please send them to me by pm
    • I did! please confirm
  • Hi Mercedes.
    I just noticed that the hall of fame for UK4 hasn't been updated to include the round that finished towards the beginning of April this year. Could you find where the results got to and get the Hall of Fame updated, please.
    • I wasn’t around when the server finished and nobody playing it sent me any results so unfortunately it wasn’t recorded. I only run the HoF on a voluntary basis, if players don’t send me the information I can’t update it, sorry :(
    • Most of us were exhausted when it was finally over and access to our accounts was removed very quickly.
      Surely someone in TG would have at least the WWs? NGU's WW won, second was one of the opposition, third was the Natar I think, and 4th was the other opposition WW. Getter can provide the list of pop ranks, but nothing else.
    • Once the server is wiped all the data goes. If anyone has screenshots and battle reports saved I can work with those?
    • Here are the top pop ranks from GetterTools:
      I am still hunting to see if anyone copied anything else.
    • I did find this. I don't know if you can read it.
      I have saved a copy of the screen shot I got this from, but I am unsure how to upload that to here.
  • Hello
    Do you have a special gaul for travian normal server? can you share it with me?
    I'm playing in Turkey server
  • thrash metal
  • lahmacun
  • Treating people as machines may be scientifically and philosophically accurate, but it is a cumbersome waste of time if you want to guess what this person is going to do next.
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  • Are you the queen?
    • I wish
    • So do I. :)
  • Just saying hello.
  • Sorry to see you step down Meme

    Despite my previous, I have loads of respect for you.

    • Hi tom, thanks but I didn’t step down.
    • Ahh, still have 999 skype msgs to read through. In that case ....