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  • I spoke with travian in game and They told me to bring things up in the forum so they can be chatted about .
    My point is and has been said in the forum . Travian is doing nothen about cheating and they know it's happening .

    Stopping sitter seeing alliance info . For one . Thier there to sit the player not anything to do with alliance . So why is it aloud
    • Hi Corts,

      We're more than happy to facilitate friendly debate and we understand that Travian can be a competitive game resulting in sometimes quite competitive threads. One of the fun parts about being a moderator is watching the friendly debates, especially when we're not playing the server :) if you have questions for support, you can send them to 'Support' in game, or you can ask the player base on the forum (although the player base may not know an answer, they can provide opinion). So depending on the answer you need would depend on where's best to ask.

      As for cheating, you would need to send a message to 'Multihunter' ingame with any evidence you may have and they will look into the situation. The team will do their best to look into and resolve any issues, but the nature of the accusation and for player's data protection, it means that unfortunately the MH team can't report back with what they found.

      Sitters have always been able to see alliance information. And yes, I'd agree that a sitter doesn't typically need to see anything about the alliance in order to do their job as sitter. I would imagine in that scenario that the ability to see alliance info as a sitter is there on purpose - spying is a part of the game as an added challenge to try and overcome. If you'd like to pass it on as feedback though, you can message 'Support' in game with any feedback you'd like passed on :)

      Hope that helps!
    • I have spoke with travian. Sadly they have informed me. They have setup the game so spying in a part of the game .
      Perhaps at the start when there was 20+ alliance this was a good idea but with ts2 only having 4 main groups then the same idea is no good .
      This will be my last server and if travian wishes to encourage cheating that's fine but it's still cheating and I want no part of it
      I will inform my members also .